I have been hunting all my life, and lately it has become more and more difficult to find a "day lease" that will produce quality game. I started Lone Star Hunters because the large "Corporate" hunting operations have just about priced out the average "working man" from enjoying a quality hunting experience. Reading through the "day hunting" classifieds can sometimes find a quality hunt, but most times the operation is not everything it is advertised to be.

Our mission at Lone Star Hunters is to research each ranch we use to ensure that you will be satisfied with the hunt. Most of the ranches we use are ones that I hunt myself, and like you I do not want to waste my money on a hunt where I do not see any game. We offer hunts all year long. Whether you want to hunt the famous Texas White Tail, Exotics, Rams, Hogs or Turkey, contact me. I am sure that we can accommodate all of your hunting needs.


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